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What Factors Affect Your Chance of Acceptance? Learn about some of the major components that can help you get into the school or college of your choice. There are many factors that top colleges and universities look for besides just grades. "Work, family, life, balance" are some other components that top colleges are looking for. Did you participate in any extra curricular programs or activities like sports or student government? How did you do on your SAT's or ACT's? Find out how you stack up against other applying students for your field and selected colleges.

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The cost to obtain a higher education degree is on the rise and it costs more than ever to obtain a degree from a highly rated university. The average price for tuition and fees at four-year private colleges and universities has increased to around $35,000. This makes finding general scholarships and degree specific scholarships so much more important today than it was 20 years ago. Proper planning and applying ahead of time for these available scholarships can help you pay for your college tuition. You can use our guides to help you find scholarship money, grants and financial aid that can help you become more successful.

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