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University Headquarters is designed to be a resource for students, their families, and mid-career professionals who may be looking to change careers or take their work to the next level. Since the worlds of education and work are constantly in flux, UHQ strives to keep its pages up to date with the most current information.

We scour government and other sources to find current statistics and other information. We also look deep into each university we study to find the best programs for you. We delve into their educational statistics and compare them to help everyone discover the best programs for them. We take extra care to find online degree programs that working professionals may prefer.

When you turn to our experts for input on careers and degrees you are sure to find solid information. We strive to provide the most objective, thoroughly researched information. When you add your personal preferences, you can make your best decision.


University Headquarters wants its readers to have the very best information possible. After all, whether you're deciding on your first undergraduate degree or are pondering a life-altering career change, you need to make a sound decision. Our experts have specific experience in higher education, financial aid, and a wide spectrum of careers.

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Every choice you make regarding your college degree is very important. It's therefore important to make those decisions armed with the very best information possible. Our expert reviews can help guide you to find the best degree program, for bachelor's and master's degrees. You can also discover new professional certifications and career paths.

It's important to seek independent, expert advice that is impartial and aimed at helping you make the best choice for the future. Our reports, rankings and expert reviews rely only on the most objective data possible.

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